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Person Asks for Money

When a person asks for money... Standards Want to always be respectfulDon't want to lieDon't want to give them moneyDon't want to appear better than themWant to be in a defensive stance Solutions Ask their name (if person is not known to you)🙅🏾‍♂️Slow (Doesn't address...

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The sprout is Progress

In this day and age it seems like it has become more challenging to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. With the technology that is available and sources of income that present themselves, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Then there's social media, where information...

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The Hunt for the Best Carrot Cake…..

On Christmas Eve, I experienced something I haven't in many years. It was pulled at my heartstrings and took me back to a joyful time in my life. I had THE BEST slice of Carrot cake. See, I eat quite uniquely. I don't eat much sugar, gluten,  or dairy. However,...

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