I see my ideal life
I actually dreamt of it
Owning a house at the top of Baldwin Hills or Ladera Heights
Surrounded by positive and uplifting black families (No gentrification in this dream)
Raising my kids to be honest and vulnerable
Spending time with my Parents
Watching them travel the world and experience new things
I am traveling too
To the Continent, countries in the Diaspora and perhaps Europe and Asia
Watching my Brother Flourish
Waking up in the morning not heading to a job,
But a purpose, a calling
to be inspired, motivate, and spread love to others
I see myself cooking in my kitchen
Grease popping on my forearms as I drop in the catfish
I envision yoga in my backyard
Connecting with my mind body and spirit
I see myself as a leader
Working hard for social causes
I am listening to others and learning from their experiences
Oh And I am grooving.
Continuing to Dance the night away
Nonetheless, I am where I am right now
These all felt like distant dreams before
But now that I am reminded of what love is
These dreams are possible
See along with all of those experiences
And feelings
I also saw myself sharing them with my queen
I couldn’t quite see what she looked like
Her beautiful face, amazing body, and big heart wasn’t familiar
But in these dreams
this person nourishes my soul
Motivates my mind
Breaks me from the shackles of complacency
Pushes me to find my own happiness
Before thinking of hers
She listens to and corrals my dreams
And reminds me of them when it’s needed
She hears my heart
Allows me to be honest without the fear of judgment
She shares my desire to send love to all people
She accepts my support as I do with hers
At this point, Do I know this Queen?
Until I do, I’ll enjoy this ride toward my dreams