I’m not trapped at all. I’m free

Free to be the person that I’m designed as

Without any feeling of regret or resistance

The fears that exist within me that try to prevent me from shining 

Aren’t those that come from a real entity

But from an imaginative space where comparison and lack of worth live

See, loving and appreciating oneself isn’t simply a result of a post that lands on a feed

It is a belief and a practice that takes place daily

It is a battle that is won and lost

It is a war full of those battles which eventually leads to a treaty signed for peace

This is important to know

Some feel they can get away with disparate emotions despite the incongruence in the agreement made with themselves

In reality, these are moments where our intuition screams at us to align our paths with us

Understanding this is the source to the freedom we seek

The freedom we seek to have which we already do

This freedom exists behind the cloud and dust of us avoiding us