On Christmas Eve, I experienced something I haven’t in many years. It was pulled at my heartstrings and took me back to a joyful time in my life. I had THE BEST slice of Carrot cake.

See, I eat quite uniquely. I don’t eat much sugar, gluten,  or dairy. However, there are rare occasions where I want to treat myself to sweet decadence.

This particular night, a friend of mine had a party at his family’s house. An aunt of his was known to be the pastry chef amongst the family, so hearing that she made some carrot cake intrigued me.

I weaseled my way to the food and began eating this glutenous, dairy-full, sugary delight and felt blown away. I felt my brain expand with new knowledge, realizing that I had gone through a divine encounter.

Being modest and ignorant, I foolishly declined the invitation to take the ENTIRE pan of cake home. Thinking, I would be consuming too much sugar and dairy. Little did I know, I would never encounter another carrot cake like this.

Someone once asked me, would I be willing to try the best dish I had in my life once, knowing that I will never enjoy it again. Understanding that I will spend my life chasing this flavor.

I know what I would do now. Do you?