In this day and age it seems like it has become more challenging to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. With the technology that is available and sources of income that present themselves, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Then there’s social media, where information is pushed to us, forcing us to compare our lives with others.

How can we recognize progress

Analogy, when you take a risk and you grow, you are rose that starts from a seed that has been placed in the ground. In this ground, you fertilize and you begin to spread yourself. However, inside that ground, there is dirt, manure and other particles that are in the soil surrounding you before your blossoming occurs. Before you can blossom from this dirt, your roots must be strong and continue to be in order to support this growth. Once these roots lock in and establish themselves, a sprout emerges from the soil. This sprout represent progress, it is often green and delicate, the most precious this plant is.

What is important for us to remember in this growth process, is that in order for the precious, delicate plant to emerge from the soil, it had to sift through some dirt. It had to go through the manure, the soil, the ecosystem that exist within the soil. And through all of that, blossoming occurs. 

We can’t forget that when we make the decision to choose happiness and create the life that we want, its going to be extremely important for us to be grounded and rooted in who we are. It might take some self-discovery, or a reintroduction to yourself to reconnect. Through that process you are enriching the soil in which you reside in. And creating a strong foundation to sprout from. And when we sprout, its going to present new challenges; almost cyclical. However this consistent process of enriching the soil, strengthening roots and actions towards growth will eventually lead to the blossoming and the fruits of your labor manifesting.

Roots = Core. Who you are, the fundamentals of who you are.Your personality